Saturday, December 31, 2011

Onyx, the Survivor against all odds!

Onyx's Facebook page "Justice for Onyx" appealed to every one's sensitivity against animal cruelty. The social networks worked and saved the sweet black Labrador from suffering and certain death.

Last August 2011, Kern County animal control agents, alerted by neighbors, discovered Onyx, a one year old black lab, attached to a pole:  mauled, bleeding and suffering a slow death. The owners, the Castanedas, are believed to have tried to perform their own DIY amputation after a car accident crushed Onyx's hips and hind leg. Wanted to avoid having to pay expensive veterinarian bills, they had part of his hind leg cut off. Onyx had not been treated with any drugs and was not thought to have been given any anesthetics, according to "Justice for Onyx" Facebook page.

Friends of Kern County Animal Shelters Foundation appealed to the world. "Justice for Onyx" went viral!The world responded with an outcry and an outpouring of attention and donations.

Dr. Daniel Slaton, co-owner of Westlake Village Animal Hospital, whose reputation is well known as a rescue veterinarian was contacted by Kern County Rescue group to help Onyx with his medical needs.     Dr. Daniel Slaton saved Onyx from certain death by performing and completing the necessary amputation, holding off his hip surgery if needed, later. With lots of love and attention, Onyx, the survivor, flourished and improved.

Needless to say, the owners were arrested and taken to court. After a number of months, the case finally settled this month, December 2011. The court placed the owners in jail for one year with a fine and three years probation.

Everyone who hears about Onyx and meets Onyx in person falls in love with this wonderful, sweet and loving lab.

Today, Onyx Slaton is a happy lab who has a new loving home, walks very well on three legs, is taking surfing lessons from Larry Brambles, photographer and surf instructor, goes to Day Camp at The Barkley Pet Hotel and Day Spa and sleeps at Dr. Slaton's home with his three other buddies: Porshe, a French Bulldog, Beanz, a black Chihuahua, and Chelsea and King Charles Cavalier.

YOU, the social media, the Rescue groups, Kern County Animal agents and Dr. Slaton from Westlake Village Animal Hospital, saved Onyx and ensured that the abusers received the maximum sentence under the law. Thank you everyone for stepping up! Keep the fight against abuse and animal cruelty!

We, at the Westlake Village Animal Hospital and at The Barkley Pet Hotel and Day Spa, wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year 2012.

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